Laura Schavsinski

Narrative design, game design, UI/UX design, QA

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About me

Graduate from ETPA - ESMA, Rennes, I'm a passionate designer. I'm always keen to expand my knowledge and challenge myself. Showing a new vision on any project I'm working on and offering some new and fresh ideas.I love to challenge any of my ideas and talk about them. Anything new is something to learn.I'm comfortable communicating in French and English, via text or verbally.I'm self-aware and know how to receive any feedback effectively. Any feedback, positive or negative, is beneficial to me, helping me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses and improve my skills and initiative taking.


French : Mother tongue
English : Professional
- Google suite
- Slack
- Slab
- Jira
- Trello
- Miro
- Airtable
- Confluence
- Photoshop/Illustrator
- Twine
- Excel
- GitHub & Sourcetree
- UI in Unity & Unreal 4
- Hacknplan

My skills

Social & effective communication I know how to interact with the people around me, and I know how to communicate any problem I encounter or if I need any help.Experimentation and Visualization Map out complicated procedures and experimenting any research and alteration.Problem-Solving I can view problems from different angles and help to come up with the best solution. I can help solve problems under pressure too.Creativity skills I have the knowledge to help create realistic and immersive games. I know how to bring the feel of the game to life. I have an active imagination and I can bring a different creative angle to the game. I can come up with new concepts to keep players engaged and wanting more.

Other tools that I use often

- Notion
- Obsidian
- Evernote
- Good Notes
- Procreate

Tools being learned

- Figma

Tools I want to learn

- Mad Sketcher
- Unreal 5
- Adobe XD
- UxPin

Balance between analytical and creative thinking. I can maintain a perfect balance between the two. Both of them are complementary and interdependent. The creative process needs to exist for any experimentation, while the analytical thinking is here to be precise and accurate. I can find the right balance between these two approaches easily.Cooperation Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.Focus on my strengths working in the video game industry requires a diverse range of skills, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to be good at everything. I know how to embrace what I'm good at, and recognize what I'm not so good at. I'm not afraid to self-reflect and allow myself not to be absolutely perfect, learning from others to help me fill the gaps, and learn more to fill my weakness.


- Creative writing- Narrative, survival horror and multiplayer competitive video game- Art, graphic design, traditional and digital drawing- Tabletop role-playing game- TCG : Magic, Legends of Runeterra


All the project are in chronological order. The oldest at the beginning, the most recent at the end.

Kraken's Trap

Role : Game & graphic designer

One of my first project, as a group, we came up with an innovative and intuitive board game. Our plan with this game was each player will play a ship captains, each ship with a specific power.
Each player trying to avoid the center, attempting to push others into the center, a giant maelstrom, as quickly as possible will prevent themselves to go in.
Game content :42-slot round board, six ship-shaped counters, 1 4-sided die, 5 types of cards (Chance, Kraken, Cataclysm, Attack and Ship), 86 cards in all.

How the game is played :Each player plays one at a time.A player's turn :- During his turn, the player may use his cards (maximum 2 per turn).- The player moves around the board by rolling the 4 die.- He draws a card linked (colour) to the square he has reached.

Moments d'absence

Role : Narrative & sound designer

Moments d'absence is a visual novel produced on Ren'py in one week during a workshop. It was produced in collaboration with illustration students, who did all the graphics for the game.
Moments d'absence deals with childhood loneliness and the feeling of unease within his own family, while the parents of Sam, our hero, is ignored by his own parents. This ignorance leading to an accident, leaving him in a coma, where he beats his own nightmare.

Sam, the playable character


Role : Game, sound & graphic designer

Link :

For this project, which was again carried out over two workshops, the aim was to create a short, simple and accessible game highlighting one or more specific aspects of the Transmusical project : the history, the programme, it's venues and all its artistic, heritage and cultural offerings.
To do this, we were able, as students, to take part in the "Parcours Trans". For inspiration, we visited various festival venues (Ubu, Liberté, Parc Expo (venue), as well as the backstage areas of each venue), met artists and took part in concerts.

For this game, on mobile, it was a point and click. Each level featured a track by one of the Trans artist, and each time an item was requested in one of the concert halls, we had to drag it to the right hall quickly enough to keep the ambiance and the satisfaction of the crowd and the artist as high as possible.

Article, in french, about the project :


Role : Game, narrative & UI/UX designer

For this project, once again created in one week during a workshop, the theme was thrillers and thrill-seeking games. Trauma explores grief and rebuilding after the death of a loved one. We play Anna trapped in a house that turns out to be the mind of her own sister Mia. Anna died in a car accident, and we play as her memory trying to help her sister come to terms with her grief, while her sister's spirit doesn't want to "forget us" and stops us from moving on and helping her to come to terms with what has happened.

We go through 6 levels corresponding to the 6 stages of grief :1 - Shock
2 - Denial
3 - Anger
4 - Depression and sadness
5 - Resignation
6 - Acceptance.

Moodboard for the idea


One button for the menu. Normal, hover and click.

Some "poster" that I've made inspired from the 80s and 90s as inspiration for one of the sisters room in the game.

Rift Ascension

Role : UI & narrative designer

Link :

Rift Ascension is a casual exploration-platform game for PC in which the player embody a young tribe member now able to freely explore his archipelago lost in the ocean and surrounded by spectacular cliffs full of mysteries. With the aid of his tools and throughout his oneiric journey, he will find singular objects that will allow him to retrace the story of his people.


Some images of the game

Rift Ascension

Role : UI & narrative designer

Rift Ascension is a casual exploration-platform game for PC in which the player embody a young tribe member now able to freely explore his archipelago lost in the ocean and surrounded by spectacular cliffs full of mysteries. With the aid of his tools and throughout his oneiric journey, he will find singular objects that will allow him to retrace the story of his people.

Link :

The initial idea behind Rift's UI/UX

Screenshot from Unity :

Some of the icons use, created on Procreate :

Jour d'après-guerre

"History has it’s eyes on you."

Jour d'après-guerre is a historical romance novel I'm writing with a friend. We're taking a break at the moment because of our respective studies and careers.
Jour d'après-guerre is a novel in which we follow the love story of Charlie Rousseau, a French nurse, and Camille Scheller, a German soldier. During the liberation of France by the Allies.
Back then, sharing on Wattpad, we had over than 1,000 readings per chapter, per month.

Book summary :

June 1944. France has just received a new surge of hope with the Normandy landings. But among all these happy French people, isn't there a German lost in a small country village ?Fear of killing.
Fear of dying.
The fear of living.
The hope of love.

Characters moodboard :


As someone loving writing and imagining story. I do a lot of RPGs, tabletop role-playing game/pen-and-paper role-playing game and also text-based role-playing game on forum. Because of that and my love of aestheticism, I taught myself photoshop and illustrator.I often post my work online under the username "Soledad" to get opinions or comments on it. I also give free and amateur "courses" in graphic design for members of a discord where I give advice both for using photoshot but also in graphics or design (color wheel, color psychology, typography ... etc.).

My creations are not ordered. You can find creations from 2020 as 2024 in no specific order.


Although I use Photoshop a lot, I also regularly use Illustrator to create gradients or interesting typography for my designs.


Bioweapon (title not definitive) is an RPG of my own creation, inspired by the Resident Evil and Dead Island universes.
Bioweapon is based on a 2d6 system, which is easy enough for beginners to understand.
It's a survival horror RPG, with the characters having to survive and fight against zombies.
The idea is that the RPG takes place on an island of my own creation.
Delorly Island is a small (imaginary) piece of land in the Solomon Islands. Inhabited by a Melanesian people until 1941, during the Second World War, it was requisitioned and turned into a research laboratory to create bacteriological weapons. Hoping to be able to fight the American giants, taking up the idea of Unit 731.

Example of a character sheet

How the game is played:Each player plays one at a time.A player's turn:Players roll 2d6 and must get a result equal to or less than the number of characteristics (bonus skills if the character has any) to succeed in their action.If a player wanted to seek information, for example, the GM would ask them to make a Spirit + Perception roll.

Lightbulb Crew / FIRESQUID

I was a QA intern for 6 months and was able to work on a number of projects, including :- USC: Counterforce
- Blade Prince Academy
- Great Houses of Calderia
- Reus 2
- Crab God
- Space Prison
- Nova Heart
& a project not yet announced


To have a phone call or any video conference, please send an email to the following address, I will respond in the fastest time available.

[email protected]